pc_meet-150x150Patricia advocates an 80-20 approach in which most choices are healthy (80%) but room is left for pleasurable indulgences (20%). Food is FAR more than vitamins and minerals! Nourishment is MUCH MORE than just nutrition!

Just a few highlights from her diverse portfolio include:

  • Providing expert comment to Yahoo, Canada.com, Huffington Post, Postmedia, The Globe and Mail, Global TV, CBC National News, CTV, Chatelaine, Canadian Living, the Vancouver Sun, The Province, CFAX radio and many other key media outlets
  • Developing hundreds of original recipes using fresh and healthy ingredients
  • Creating effective food and nutrition Public Relations campaigns
  • Speaking to over 2500 corporate, sport + community groups – including many professional conferences
  • Writing and publishing 6 books including: The 101 Most Asked Nutrition Questions and The 80-20 Cookbook: Eating for Energy Without Deprivation (Gluten-Free version) and contributing to several others
  • Serving as Senior Nutrition Consultant to SportMedBC and advising athletes and coaches from little league to professional. Previously, nutritionist for the Vancouver Grizzlies NBA team and the Vancouver Whitecaps Soccer Club.
  • Working behind the scenes (and on camera) for a major supermarket retailer where she gained tremendous insight into how and why food is sold the way it is and helped create an award-winning well-being initiative.
  • Leading a learn-to-run program for several years
  • Inventing an outstanding all-purpose gluten-free flour that uses Canadian-grown white bean flour
  • Serving as a mentor to many students and dietitians. Patricia was elected by her colleagues as Chair, Dietitians of Canada Board of Directors
  • Although no longer offering individual consultations, Patricia spent over 25 years assisting people in resolving their food and nutrition challenges and has an intimate understanding of what it takes to permanently stay on course and sail smoothly through a sea of confusing food and diet messages
  • Being a busy Mom and having fun getting kids enthusiastic about yummy, healthy eating

“Healthy eating should be pretty easy. It’s less about discipline and more about choosing food that provides the fuel to leave you feeling great. It’s not about avoidance or micromanaging every morsel. Go ahead and eat cake or enjoy a glass of wine. Just be sure your actual needs are met. This includes the need to move with exercise!”

Patricia enjoys creating new recipes – regular and gluten-free. Her specialty is delicious, healthy meals that can be made in 30 minutes or less. She’s thrilled to see the sparkle in her clients’ eyes and extra spring in their step when they figure out healthy eating. She loves fun, family times and an active outdoor life enjoying nature’s simple, spectacular beauty!