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Hi. Thanks so much for stopping by. Take a look around. Let me know how I can help bring more flavour and energy into your life!                                                Patricia Chuey, The People’s Dietitian


But before you do, take a moment to imagine perfectly ripened, juiciest ever strawberries picked right in the field. Gingery lime skewers sizzling on the grill accompanied with fresh-from-the-garden vegetables. In the winter, envision cinnamon raisin cookies baking and a steamy cup of tea as you come in from the cold. Or maybe a warm poached peach with a drizzle of caramel and a latte are more your style?

Eating should be both nourishing and delicious. Life is far too short for anything else. Healthy eating should be simple. Something you feel great about and gain energy from to soar at all that matters most to you. It’s time to take all the knowledge you already have about what to eat and turn it into consistent habits and satisfying food choices that achieve your goals. Less diet math, much more great food!

Patricia Chuey, “The People’s Dietitian“, specializes in translating healthy eating messaging into delicious ideas. This crEATive communications expert is a Registered Dietitian-Home Economist hybrid, innovator and leader in the Canadian food and nutrition industry. She advocates an 80-20 approach…